Mushfika House

Mushfika House is based in Uxbridge. It benefits from excellent amenities and transport facilities. We have equipped the house with four spacious En-suite bedrooms.

Our passionate care team are trained to support adults with learning disability

How does our care worker support?

We employ highly trained, professional care workers who are passionate about their care and will always listen to each individual to ensure you are receiving the support you require and will implement any changes quickly.
We work alongside individuals, their families and wider support networks to discuss and share your needs where appropriate. We want you to remain as independent as possible and offer our support, guidance and advice on everyday needs, including the following:
Food, maintaining a healthy diet and food preparation
Remaining healthy and encourage exercise to help build confidence
Medication support and Personal care
Personal care
Confidence building
Maintaining the home; paying bills, budgets, support with benefits
Social interaction
Remaining involved within your local community through Faith support and attending faith communities
Encouragement to access support with outside agencies
Enable independent travel with or without support
Support workers offer extra support for your loved ones to assist with everyday jobs, running of their accommodation, and activities outside of the home – support workers give an additional layer of encouragement to give your loved ones encouragement and confidence when needed.

What does this mean to your loved one?

We believe that every Individual should be given the freedom to choose where they live and who they live with, we do not compromise their choices. Building confidence and enabling individuals to live a happy, fulfilled and independent life.

Benefits of living within Mushfika House

24 hour call system
Spacious rooms with en-suite bathroom
Safe storage of medication and money
Fire Alarm
CCTV security system
Large accessible garden

What really matters is the human connection. Talk to us on our online chat or call us on 01923 962 511 , 01923 618 833

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